Time & Task - time management and task tracking system  (Product Release late 2016)

Time and Task organizes and reports time associated with daily tasks, internal processes, client projects or any other business task for efficiency and cost management and billing.  Track and report on basic, detailed and very granular levels for improved communication and billing  accuracy.

  • Mobile Device Friendly for Easy Input
  • Detailed Dashboard for Comprehensive Views on Projects
  • User Notifications for Priority Action Items
  • Multiple Time Entries Per Task/Project Item
  • Descriptive Notes, Links and File Attachment Features
  • Time Breakouts by Item Level and Project/Task Total

imagize Cloud Document Imaging Solutions for small, medium and large companies.  A cost-effective digital filing and retrieval system that saves money, saves space and provides a secure disaster recovery plan for important business records.

  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate Companies and Agencies
  • Service Companies - Professional and Commercial
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Contacts and Leads - client and prospect management system  (Product Release mid 2016)

Contacts and Leads is a hosted and secure application that collects leads through your website, email marketing campaigns, data list import, phone calls, etc.  Manage marketing campaigns easily and organize opportunities and follow up tasks for consistent and timely touch intervals.

  • Basic and Detailed Client and Prospect Categories
  • Identify a Particular Lead Source and Campaign
  • Notification of Qualified Leads
  • Capture of Contact Information from Website and Email Campaigns

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imagize Cloud Document Imaging Products and Services

Service Alert  - service ticket and issue resolution system  (Product Release mid 2016)

Service Alert logs and routes requests and calls for service to appropriate teams whether internal or outsourced for immediate action.  An intuitive interface for creating, troubleshooting and resolving service tickets from critical to low priority items.  Time is logged along with detailed notes on each service ticket for tracking and appropriate resolution.

  • Mobile Device Friendly for Easy Input
  • Detailed Dashboard for Comprehensive Views on Ticket Items
  • User Notification for Priority Items and Resolution
  • Multiple Time Entries Per Ticket Item
  • Optional Billing Component