Custom, Standard and Basic business applications and services.  We leverage powerful and secure data centers, computer networks and high-speed infrastructures for low-cost, professionally managed solutions.

RNJ Holdings, LLC was founded in 2006 by Jon Soderquist and Jason Paterson as product solutions developer and end-user provider of a hosted document imaging system for large volume scanning and archiving. 

Before "Cloud-Solutions" were in vogue, RNJ Holdings created and implemented Custom, Standard and Basic imagize document imaging solutions in all types of businesses in many types of industries.

Jon Soderquist - VP Product Development

Over 30 years of application integration, custom programming, software development and technology consulting services to large corporations and government entities.  Experienced in a wide range of operating platforms and technologies such as IBM and Microsoft and the integration of 3rd party software and services for business processes and efficiency.  Bringing large corporate processes and technologies cost-effectively to small and medium size business.

Jason Paterson - VP Channel Development and Sales

Since 1982 has been in the document management industry and owner and President of a high-volume document conversion and processing company since 1994 based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Servicing commercial businesses and organizations in healthcare, government, manufacturing and a variety of commercial service industries in improving staff efficiency while saving valuable time and money in information management processes.

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